MH Manufacturing Performance Consulting AB

Welcome to MH Manufacturing Performance Consulting AB!  


My name is Martti Hakulinen, since 1978 I have been employed by several companies, both in Sweden as well as abroad. During all these years I have had positions in research, maintenance, process development, purchasing and manufacturing.  


Since 1984 I have had leading positions as Maintenance Manager, Factory Manager, Manufacturing Director, Division Head and Managing Director. I have collected a lot of experience in making the manufacturing more efficient, reducing inventory and increasing customer service.  


I have experienced several ups and downs in the business climate, and I have noticed that I have been able to advice colleagues all over the world in how to react to different scenarios that they have been exposed to. Now when I am retired, I have more time to be a sounding board to colleagues that think that I can be of help. Hence, I started this company.  


If you would like to have more detailed information about the companies and positions that I have had please visit me on LinkedIn. 


How can I be of help?

Sounding board

If you would like to test your ideas on somebody not influenced by your immediate business, I can be your sounding board. I can either discuss with a manager in person or I can discus with a management team.


It could be a one time event or we could meet more frequent, for example every third month.



If you realize that you do not have the time to involve yourself as much as you thought from the beginning, then I can be your representative as head of teams working on specific topics.


My way of working is to be the person with experience, and I try to have an advisory role. I must not be the one that comes with all solutions. If I do that, the risk is high that the employees will find the result to be mine and not theirs.


To avoid this, I guide the team members to find their own solutions, and then as a team put them together into the final result.



During my many years in manufacturing I have been exposed to most situations more than once. I have worked in many different cultures, hence, I do realize that there is not one unique solution fitting everybody. You have to adapt the way of working to the culture of the company and the employees.


The name of my company is "MH Manufacturing Performance Consulting AB", which indicates that my speciality is manufacturing and functions in close cooperation with it.